Send your imaginations to us!

You can send what you want: texts, pictures, audio-recordings, sculptures, whatever - via e-mail or mail. If you send something via mail, we will scan it or take photographs to present it on our website and make it available for others.

First, tell us how you are going to send us your contribution:

via e-mail If you click "Let's go", an e-mail window will open up and you will just have to attach your file (picture or audio) (attachment). Then return to this window and complete the rest of the form: Let's go
In case your standard email software does not start: Send an email to with your contribution as attachment.
Via snail mail
Please return it back to me!
Send it to:

Angela Meder
Augustenstrasse 122
70197 Stuttgart

Andreas Mengel
Gempenstrasse 54
4053 Basel

Next, please give us a short written portrait of yourself - this is certainly interesting for other visitors of our site. We will include everything that you send to us here on our site. So please tell us as much as you like!

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Well, now we would like to know what you want to tell us about your creation:

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If you have any problems with sending your creations, e-mail us!