Drea's day

It shows: The Day
This is what you see: It goes clockwise. People have said to me before that it's strange that noon and midnight aren't across from one another, but.. this is just how it is?

Also, the hours seem unevenly-spaced, but that's also accurate, for the most part. The night hours are longer because they're usually uneventful. The day hours are closer together because they go by so fast.

7-8 AM is the hour when I have to get up. So it's the focal point of the day.

this is what I could not show better and what's missing: The viewpoint and shape change depending on what time of day it is or what time I'm thinking of. I tried to show it here as accurately as I could, just thinking about the whole day in general.

6 PM to 3 AM looks roughly like a clock face to me, although the nine is a little higher up than it is on a clock. 11 AM to about 4 or 5 PM is like a straight line, but midnight to 7:30 AM is more curved than it appears here.

The day is almost more like a D-shape, I guess. But I think of it as more of the shape you see here.