It shows: My timeline
This is what you see: 'The century' is the image I get most often in my head. This one I see as soon as I think of a year OR a happening that is connected to a certain year - and that's more often than you first would think.
It also makes it very easy for me to remember years IN THIS century. With the numbers, seeing them meant that I couldn't concentrate and do what I was supposed to do. But here, as I said, it helps.
It's not the same as photographic memory, but if I decide to remember a year and why I should remember it, then I won't forget it.
Let me put it like this: If I find something interesting enough to remember, then the year when it happened will be inprinted in the 'timeline'. Almost as if that year had a tag strapped to it.
The picture shows 1900-2020. Other centuries are more of a blur and look like slightly bending lines. I think it's because I don't connect as many years to this time peroid, but I really don't know. In 1901, 1963 and the second 1999 there are smooth curves. All others have 90 degree angles or are not connected at all. Speaking of which, the 1990s is for some reason split in parts. The second 1999 (or the continuing maybe) is crossing above 1980, in the spiral. The whole century is in a hill upwards.
There are more bars or lines separating the years, but it would be messy with all those lines. The size of the decades looks pretty much the same, except for the 1980s that take less space and 1990s that take a whole lot more space if you put it together. Also, 2000s and the 2010s really take less space in the mental image, but the 2020s is just short because it didn't fit in the picture, hahaha! The width of the timeline changes, but it has nothing to do with anything. It just happened to be so when it was drawn.
This is what I could not show better and what's missing: As previously written, the whole century is in a slight uphill. I see the century from different angles, and as with my other synesthetic experiences it's in a 3D 'landscape' where the timeline looks a little like a train track. Damn! That's a good likening. It's actually very much like a narrow rail when I come to think about it.
And depending on year (or rather decade) the angle and point of view changes. I could have shown the points in which I am when I think of certain years, but I chose to show which year that was which instead. Since the 1990s needs explanation.